Our team

Our team

For over 10 years we have been representing clients in various fields of intellectual property. For many, we have become a regular partner and support. We do not just win business and move on, we plunge into the client’s business, study it from A to Z, accept it as our own and solve its immediate problems. Our credo is bold, creative and effective solutions. This approach allowed us to win more than 3,500 cases and resolve more than 1,000 disputes in the pretrial order.

We will always offer clear advice, help you draw up contracts, provide reliable protection of interests in a legal dispute. We are building our company so that your company can conveniently and interestingly develop its business in Russia.

Compensations awarded in roubles
Counterfeit goods destroyed
Civil disputes won
Piracy websites blocked
Mobile apps blocked

Semenov & Pevzner is an energetic team of intellectual property lawyers.
We negotiate in the interests of our clients, work on transactions and give advice on the best approaches to solving business problems.

Proactive, professionalism
and dedication are combined with the indifference to the business of our clients.


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